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 spawn and coke, somewhat logical... but.....

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PostSubject: spawn and coke, somewhat logical... but.....   Thu Mar 29, 2012 9:06 am

.spAwn.: you never know
.spAwn.: she could be thinking about you right now :/
t0sh ツ: id prefer consideration over reminisence
.spAwn.: lol
t0sh ツ: owned
t0sh ツ: ;p
.spAwn.: well its not your fault that we live in a world with liarrs and cheaters
t0sh ツ: its gods gift of free will
t0sh ツ: i wld <3 to take awai that freel will and make them smd
t0sh ツ: (without their consent)
t0sh ツ: ;D
.spAwn.: lol
t0sh ツ: nah
t0sh ツ: consent means they have choice
t0sh ツ: being godly, and forcing them to smd leaves no free will;therefore no consent
.spAwn.: I already know that
t0sh ツ: so in a form, its rape
t0sh ツ: i <3 it
.spAwn.: go rape a chick then
.spAwn.: if thats your desire Very Happy
t0sh ツ: its gods will...
t0sh ツ: ;D
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spawn and coke, somewhat logical... but.....
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